2019 … New Beginnings

So where to actually begin? How about “The Disaster of 2018”? Yeah, that should do it. It rained. Yes, yes it did. A lot. We’re talking so much f’ing rain that the foundation in The Studio opened up three different garden hose style eruptions! There was flooding involved. Short version; it got fixed. Throw enough money & back breaking labor at something and there is bound to be a solution. More importantly, once the space was gutted, repaired, sealed and painted … it opened up the possibility to completely redesign the flow of the room. I’d like to think we did just that. It’s brighter, it’s warm, it “seems” bigger … there’s a new Bar … it’s f’ing awesome. So, what’s in store for 2019? More of what we’ve been doing for the past 3 years … only better … more original music from our friends, more original brews from the brewery and even more of me desperately attempting to figure out what the hell I’m doing! Cheers people! Wish me luck … 🙂

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