It’s Not My Fault

So … where to begin?

I blame my friends for this actually.

For one, I’ve tried repeatedly to retire from playing music and Lee just keeps pulling me in. I truly wish I knew how he did it. Personally, I never know if I’m a bassist or a slide player. I wobble back and forth quite a bit and I’m easily confused. It’s quite troublesome.

Second, they all seem to believe that I brew pretty decent beer. Seriously. I don’t get it. Mark T thought is was good right from the start and I didn’t even know what I was doing. Still don’t. Even Bill says I barely have more Hits than Misses in the Brewing Department but then, he drinks everything I brew. Mostly he likes my Stoney Man Black IPA so there may be an ulterior motive at play.

And this whole video editing thing on YouTube? WTF? I’m clueless and I’m pretty sure it shows. Why do you people watch this crap? They encourage me and it’s all their fault. Especially George … he’s the one who suggested this WebSite. See, now you know.

My friends are the problem.

I love my friends.

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