The Crossroad Drivers


Actually it’s “Lee Blanton & The Crossroad Drivers” but really, who is that guy anyway?? I mean, WE know he writes most of the songs and it’s kinda HIS band … however, it’s the WE part that is most important! As in, WE the rhythm section. Who might that be you ask? I’m so happy to answer that question! WE, as in “The Crossroad Drivers”, the two guys responsible for taking Mr. Blanton to the Crossroads would be Bill Leon on Drums & Vocals and Leo J. Bailey (that would be me) on Bass & Vocals. Now sure, you can have the singer/songwriter dude previously mentioned be completely successful on his own and yes, he may be super talented and can play guitar/harp/sing all at the same damn time … and yes, he writes some pretty awesome tunes BUT … without Bill’s pounding drums and my heavy handed bass playing … he would just be another solo acoustic dude out there entertaining people. So yeah, Bill & I went with Mr. Blanton to the Crossroads and took the Devil to task … then the three of us came out the other side ready to rock your little blues world down!!

You can find us on Facebook, ReverbNation and especially on YouTube where we regularly post rehearsal footage and such!!

Leo J. Bailey

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